Please find below a list of the most commonly asked questions. If your query is not answered here, please feel free to contact us directly on 01786 455200 or info@falconfoodservice.com






Spare Parts

How do I find the spare part number for my Falcon product?

Spares information for all our current products can be found within the individual product entry - see product catalogue to search for your desired model. If you have any issues identifying what spare part is required please contact our technical helpdesk on +44 (0)1786 455 242 and they will advise you.

Where can I purchase spare parts for my Falcon equipment?

You can purchase spare parts directly from us. Please contact our Spare Parts Department on +44 (0)1786 455 200 (Option 1). You can find also find details of our most frequently bought spare parts and how to order them here.


Where can I buy a new Falcon appliance?

We sell our products through a network of approved distributors. For a list of these and to find your nearest outlet, please visit Where To Buy. Alternatively, contact your local Area Sales Manager or call +44 (0)1786 455 200 for more information.

Do you sell second-hand equipment?

No, but we do occasionally have ex-demo equipment available. Please check the Surplus Stock section for current availability. Alternatively, some of our distributors deal in second-hand equipment. Please visit Where To Buy for a list of distributors or contact us directly for further information.

How quickly can you supply my new appliance?

This depends upon the product in question. We hold stock for immediate delivery of popular units, including ranges, chargrills, grills and fryers. Please contact our Customer Service Dept on 01786 455200 (option 1) to get an accurate delivery date.

I am unsure which the best piece of equipment is for me, can you advise?

Absolutely. It is important that you buy the best equipment for your business. Our Area Sales Managers will be happy to assist with selecting and the specification of new equipment. For specific culinary enquiries, please contact our Development Chef directly on +44 (0)1786 455 296 or email: chef@falconfoodservice.com. You may also find our Chef's Corner useful - this contains buying advice and looks at certain products in more detail.


How do I register the warranty for my new appliance?

To register your new appliance, please return the warranty registration card that was supplied with the unit.

What warranty will I receive with my new Falcon product and what does it cover?

All new equipment is guaranteed against defective workmanship, faulty components and material for 12 months from date of dispatch, providing it is installed within two months of dispatch from our factory. Please see our Warranty Policy for more information and details of what is not covered.

I have a problem with my appliance and it is still under warranty. What do I do?

Please contact us by telephone on 01786 455200 (option 2) or complete the Warranty Request Form and email it to service@falconfoodservice.com

Supporting Documentation

I don’t have the user manual for my appliance. Where can I get one?

All current product user manuals can be found within each individual product listing. Please use the Product Catalogue to find your model. All current products are listed but if your particular product is an older model, please contact us directly on 01786 455242.

I need the CAD drawings for an appliance. Where can I find this?

Each individual product listing includes cad drawings. Please use the Product Catalogue to find your model. If the information you need isn't there please contact us on 01786 455200.

Where can I find the specification sheet for a particular product?

All our specification sheets are included in the documents tab of the individual product entry within our Product section. Please use the Product Catalogue to find your model.

Where can I find pricing information for Falcon products?

Our price list is available to download from the Literature section of the Info Centre.


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