induction solid top

gas solid top usability with all the benefits of induction

We have a new addition to our induction portfolio - the induction solid top.

What is it?

The solid top induction is a new way to utilise induction technology. Chefs all over the world love the way a gas solid top works - super hot in the middle, cooler as you move towards the edges of the top. It allows flexibility, speed of cooking, multipot cooking and puts the chef in charge. However, in these days of ever increasing energy costs and a determination from many operators and organisations to lower their carbon footprint, a gas solid top ticks all the wrong boxes - it's one of the least efficient and highest emitting products available.

The Falcon solid top induction is absolutely the best of both worlds - it combines the usability, versatility and power of a gas solid top with the energy efficiency, increased controllability, easy clean and safety of induction.


The Hob Set-up

The solid top induction has five distinct zones:

  • E3917i top.jpgCentral square - 7.5kW
  • Right and left rectangular sections - 3kW per side
    • These sections are operated by the same controller so heat setting will be the same left and right
  • Front section is 5kW and the rear is 3kW
    • These sections are operated by the same controller so heat setting will be the same front and back


The LED display in the front corner of the hob shows which zones are energised (ie have pots on them) 



  • Minimal wasted energy - 90%+ heat directed straight into pot. Even if chef turns unit on, no energy used until pot is placed on the hob
  • Minimal heat emissions make for a more pleasant kitchen environment and extraction doesn't have to work so hard
  • Instant heat, absolute control of temperature and speed of cooking at chef's fingertips
  • So simple to clean - glass just wipes clean in seconds, no more scrubbing at end of service, after having to wait hours for the hob to cool down. Great for front of house.
  • Much safer than gas alternatives due to pot handles not heating up, no naked flames and glass temperature cooling quickly when no pot present ensures significantly reduced risk of burns to operator
  • Multi-pot cooking - use any size pots you want, from large stockpots to tiny saucepans - can sit on one full zone or straddle multiple
  • 6mm tough ceramic glass allows for pans to be slid across zones, in the same way as they would be on a gas equivalent


The solid top induction ticks all the boxes:

  • Chefs love it for it's versatility, controllability & speed
  • Owners love it for it's energy-saving performance
  • The planet loves it for it's contribution to lowering a kitchen's carbon footprint and enabling operators to move towards net zero


The solid top induction will be available in countertop and with range underneath.


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