The E2011 regeneration oven has a capacity of 20 x 1/1 GN trays and features 2 independently controlled 10 shelf ovens one on top of the other within the same appliance. Each oven is supplied with 10 shelves, with spacing of 61mm between shelves. Triple fans within each oven deliver an even temperature across the entire oven chamber, ensuring consistent cooking results.

Each oven chamber has a digital timer and thermostat which ensures precise temperature and time controls. Fast heat-up and recovery times ensure overall cooking times are reduced, with products cooked as desired at light or full loading capacity. The controls for each oven are located at a convenient height for the operator.


  • Digital timer and thermostat (per oven) guarantees precise time and temperature control
  • Triple fans deliver even heating across the entire oven chamber, ensuring no cool spots and consistent cooking results.
  • 1/1 GN compatible so simple to transfer to serving equipment or to/from other kitchen appliances
  • Designed for bulk production, with 10 shelf capacity with 10 shelves supplied (per oven)
  • Ovens are independently controlled so unit offers split load capability, cooking dense and delicate products at same time


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