The hob has five distinct heat zones, with the square central zone being the most powerful, at 7.5kW, with the sides being 3kW, the front section 3kW too and the rear zone having a rating of 5kW. This configuration allows chefs to use the hob the same way they would a gas solid top, providing the flexibility, power and multipot cooking that most induction ranges can't provide, yet still being able to achieve the benefits of induction technology.

The E3917i is an ideal unit for those operators looking to lower their carbon footprint as 90%+ of the energy is sent straight into the pot, ensuring minimal wasted energy and emissions into the atmosphere. This has the additional benefit of reducing the stress on extraction systems, further saving energy and money.

This unit features a fan-assisted, 1/1 gastronorm compatible oven with glass-panelled twin doors and is supplied on adjustable feet as standard. Castors are available at an additional cost.


  • Perfect combination of gas solid top and induction delivers so many benefits to the operator
  • Use any size of pot, from large stockpots to small saucepots and everything in between.
  • Instant heat and precise temperature control means you can move from simmer to rolling boil in seconds.
  • In-built pan detection ensures no wasted energy
  • Heavy duty 6mm thick ceramic glass top is robust and durable enough to cope with tough pan work.
  • Oven temperature range of 100-250° is ideal to produce a wide variety of food items.


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