With a highly efficient burner system that reduces energy consumption and built-in filtration to extend oil life and reduces running costs, the G401F is ideal for those looking for efficiency and reliability without compromising on quality and quantity. The pan holds 18 litres of oil and has a capacity of 34kg of pre-blanched chilled 15mm chips per hour.


  • High efficiency burner system has quick heat up and instant recovery times while also reducing energy consumption and running costs
  • Unique pan design requires just 18 litres of oil, easy to clean as well as being energy efficient and saves money on oil
  • Automatic two-stage filtration built in increases oil longevity and maintains quality
  • Temperature range between 130 - 190°C with variable, precise control
  • Stainless steel hob with mild steel pan ensures the unit is robust enough to cope with high demand
  • Manual controls are easy and straighforward to use


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