Extremely efficient elements and two individually-operated pans make the E421F2 one of the best fryers available today. The elements deliver fast heat up and recovery times. This all leads to efficiencies in energy usage and running costs. This model provides individual filtration to each pan in order to extend oil life. It takes just 10 litres of oil per pan to produce 25kg chips per pan per hour.


  • High performance elements ensure quick heat up and recovery times, while also reducing energy consumption and running costs
  • Automatic two-stage filtration built in increases oil longevity and maintains quality
  • Temperature range between 130 - 190°C with variable, precise control
  • 3 stage switch on prompts operator to check oil level before switching fryer on as an additional level of safety
  • Unique pan design requires just 10 litres of oil, easy to clean as well as being energy efficient and saves money on oil
  • Stainless steel hob with mild steel pan ensures the unit is robust enough to cope with high demand


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