For efficiency, convenience and performance, it is difficult to improve on this model. Fast heat-up and instant recovery are a result of the high efficiency, tri-stack elements that are designed to reduce energy consumption. Another feature is the in-built filtration that extends oil life, enabling better quality, consistently cooked food for longer. Operators benefit from the convenience of automatic filtration. It allows them to avoid bending and any manual handling associated with traditional methods of the process. It also frees up more time for other tasks.

The patented Falcon Angel Fryer technology cuts power when oil levels are too low, preventing fires and flare ups with no need for the operator to act. 4 program storage means that food quality will be consistent regardless of who is operating the fryer. Chip output is 58kg per hour.

Supplied with everything you need to get start frying - fish grid, basket and lid. In fact everything apart from oil! Also comes with drain bucket, strainer and filter for perfect filtering.


  • Features Falcon Angel Fryer technology prevents flare ups and fires in the fryer by cutting power to the elements if oil level goes below the minimum level.
  • High performance elements ensure quick heat up and recovery times, while also reducing energy consumption and running costs
  • Automatic two-stage filtration built in increases oil longevity and maintains food quality
  • 3 stage switch on prompts operator to check oil level before switching fryer on as an additional level of safety
  • 4 program storage ensure consistent results regardless of who's cooking
  • Temperature range between 130 - 190°C allows variable, precise control


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