The energy efficient i9085 induction hob features four x 5kW heat zones that deliver instant and precise temperature control, enabling chef to move the pot contents from a gentle simmer to a rolling boil within seconds. The inbuilt pan sensors ensure that heat is only generated when a pan is placed on the zone and this, combined with the heat all being sent directly into the pot contents results in significant energy savings, as well as minimal heat emissions into the kitchen. The 6mm toughened glass hob simply wipes clean so there's no need to scrub at the end of service. No flames means there's less chance of staff burning themselves too.

The hob is constructed from 2mm 304 grade stainless steel and laser cut with right angled edges to allow the joining of units with no gaps via the patented Dynamic Link System (DLS). The unit is IPX5 rated.

The unit is supplied on adjustable feet, with fixed or mobile stand available


  • 4 x 5kW induction heat zones provide instant heat, rapid heat up
  • Low heat emissions leading to a much cooler working environment
  • IPX5 rated for easy and problem-free cleaning
  • In-built pan detection delivers energy savings, no wasted energy as no pan = no energy generated
  • 6mm toughened glass hob robust enough for the toughest kitchen environments and simply wipes clean - no scrubbing after service
  • Stainless steel panels with Scotch Brite finish that looks great, ideal for front-of-house kitchens


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