Falcon launches interactive digital price list 

‘Access all areas’ e-book gives users all the data they could need, at their fingertips

new-Falcon-pricelist-web.jpgFalcon has introduced an interactive digital price list that aims to give the user everything they could possibly want to know about any of the company’s products at the touch of the screen.  The price list, which is available to download from the Falcon website, is published as an interactive e-book and features direct multi-media links to a host of resources on each model, ranging from overviews and spec sheets to operating manuals, videos, and accessories.  

It’s designed to give buyers and dealers everything they need, at their fingertips,” says Falcon marketing manager Barry Hill.  “If they just want basic information, it’s laid out in a simple, clear format.  If they need more, they just have to click the link and it’s all there.   Whether it be videos introducing our new range of healthcare products or a demonstration of our Connected Kitchen, our new price list makes it easy to find the right data, and dig down to get answers to specific product questions.

The ‘access all areas’ price list is very much in keeping with Falcon’s progressive attitude towards using the latest digital technologies to enhance their customer support.  The price list can be downloaded to, and accessed via, a mobile phone, tablet or computer and the links are constantly updated, so users know that the information they are seeing is the very latest available.  

Falcon plans to continue to develop its price list concept.  “We’re just scratching the surface of what we can add to this document – images and explanations of accessories, spares info, product ordering codes, cleaning and operational advice, recipes, chef’s tips… they can all be embedded to give customers the best possible advice and guidance.”   

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